Winter Wrap Up

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time of reflection, of hope coming out of the void, where strength is currency, and there is no last unknown. It is a season of great love and togetherness, and for some a potent reminder that their work has just begun.


At the start of the year, our goal was to solidify our stakeholder trainings, bringing together all the moving pieces in child welfare into a unified language and ideology informing their provision of care and services. This year, Safe Babies has trained more than 300 community stakeholders in trauma-informed and developmentally appropriate best practices, impacting more than 12,000 children in the Tarrant County area. We are currently amping up for our brand new 2017 training series, Growth and Repair in Child Welfare: The Architecture of Helping Families. This series will focus on the building of a stronger infrastructure for child welfare, including changes in policy, protocols, and ultimately culture.


In addition, Safe Babies saw great successes this year through Fostering Relationships coparenting. We’ve witnessed through this program birth and foster parents coming together. In a traditional foster care system, parents are intentionally kept apart. Through Fostering Relationships, we are building bonds and extending families for these children. One birth parent shared with the foster parent in a visit their immense gratitude for the care the foster parent was providing their children. The foster parent responded in kind, offering encouragement and praise.


We’re also proud of the milestones we’ve reached in the coordination of care and services. Traditionally, child welfare has been made up of many moving parts, all autonomous of one another. Over the last year, we’ve shifted toward working together, and have built strong relationships with and among dedicated partners. We look forward to building on lessons and outcomes from Year 1.


Thank you all for following the launch of Safe Babies over the last 8 months. We have the brightest hopes for 2017 and look forward to seeing you at our free community trainings. Have a wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year!