Monthly Webinar Series

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Our 2019 webinar series is focused on early development and support for professionals. We want to help you provide families with everything they need for babies and children to have a strong foundation.

PNC Grow Up Great® is a primary sponsor of our work with early childhood educators in the community. PNC helps children from birth through age five develop a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime – and can help set them on a path to success.


 Webinars are free for First3Years members, and non-members can register for a webinar for $15. Each webinar is broadcast live in Central Standard Time.

1 Hour of Continuing Education (SW, LPC, ECI, CPE)


Fourth Quarter (October, November, and December)

Topic: Practitioner Essentials

For the final quarter of our 2019 Webinar Series, we focus on professional development and continued growth. The content provided involves a commitment to a specialized practice that is a crucial element in creating connected, engaged workplaces, as well as the principles that foster integrity, civility, and justice within the Early Childhood Profession.

November | Ethics for Early Childhood Professionals

EXPERT SESSION: November  25 | 1:00 PM

The ethics expert session will discuss the moral stages of development in children. Morality is the foundation for understanding ethics and ethical behavior. Young children develop knowledge about ethical behavior by determining the “goodness” or “badness” of certain acts. This webinar will discuss the foundations of moral development from a theoretical and practical perspective. The learning objectives of this session include, understand how moral development in children lays the foundation for later ethical behavior, ability to define moral stages of development according to major theorists, understand the definition of prosocial and altruistic behaviors, and discuss the role of parents and teachers in children’s development of moral and social conventional reasoning.

Expert Session Presented by Natalie Baerwaldt: Natalie Baerwaldt is a state-wide expert on early childhood development and is endorsed as a level IV Infant Mental Health Mentor. Natalie has spent the last 15 years educating students and professionals through public speaking engagements to teach people about best practices with young children. Natalie currently lectures at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, Texas in the Brain + Behavior Sciences program. Natalie is excited to present this webinar to engage with you and discuss how moral development in children impacts our understanding of ethical behavior in the larger community.

December | Cultural Humility: Working Towards Social Justice

December  10 | 12:30 PM

December  11 | 1:00 PM

Q4 Competencies:

Infant and young child development and behavior, family relationships and dynamics, attachment, separation and loss, cultural competence, ethical practice, government, law and regulation, advocacy, life skills, safety, reflective clinical supervision, building and maintaining relationships, supporting others, collaborating, resolving conflict, empathy and compassion, listening, speaking, writing, self-awareness, professional/personal development