Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Borthick, IMH-E® (II)

Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Borthick, IMH-E® (II)


AshleyBIn the world of non-profits, there are many ways an organization receives support in achieving its mission. Without the help of dedicated and tireless volunteers who give their time and expertise, First3Years would not be able to reach as many infants and toddlers throughout the state of Texas.


Ashley Borthick, IMH-E® (II), first learned about First3Years four years ago as a graduate student, and today she’s a pivotal part of a team of volunteers partnering in our advocacy efforts. We hope others will consider joining her in support of Texas babies.


How did you first get engaged with First3Years?

I learned about First3Years when I was a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I attended one of the Food for Thought sessions and my interest was sparked. I was new to the child development field at the time and enjoyed knowing that there was a group of professionals that cared deeply for the lives of children and families.


How do you support First3Years through volunteering?

I have truly enjoyed working with the Dallas Food for Thought committee both as a member and now as the Chair (2015 and 2016). We host the monthly luncheon series, which presents infant mental health topics and speakers throughout the spring of each year.


I also serve as a reviewer and advisor for those working towards their First3Years Endorsement to obtain their IMH-E®.


In what way does being involved with First3Years support your work?

Being a part of First3Years not only brings me in proximity to knowledgeable professionals in my field, but I also learn about new ideas, studies, and skills from our Food For Thought presenters. In addition, I have gone through the endorsement process myself and gained invaluable information and techniques to help support my work with Texas children.


What motivates you to support babies and toddlers?

My motivation first lies in my knowledge of the critical years for children. I work as a Parent Educator for ChildCareGroup for Collin County and as the Coordinator for the Texas Healthy Start Alliance.  Throughout my work in this field, I am continuously motivated and encouraged by the families I work with, my co-workers, and other professionals working to help children and families.


If you are interested in volunteering for First3Years, please email Jes Fyall.