Volunteer Highlight: Fort Worth Food for Thought Planning Committee

Volunteer Highlight: Fort Worth Food for Thought Planning Committee Members


Ever wonder how First3Years professional development and trainings come together? First3Years sat down with three members of the Fort Worth Food for Thought committee: Debbie Lindsey, Sandra Lamm, and committee chair Laura Wright, to find out more about what it takes to create local learning and networking opportunities.



Debbie, Sandra (pictured left), and Laura all joined the committee after first attending Fort Worth Food for Thought training sessions. Finding the compact, focused discussions on early childhood topics to be very insightful and stimulating, they were all eager to join in the planning. Debbie knew some of the planning committee members at work, and Sandra found herself on the planning committee after suggesting a new topic. From the beginning, Laura wanted to grow community awareness and knowledge, and they are all proud of the work they’ve accomplished this year in providing opportunities to meet other professionals and learn more about what’s happening in the early childhood field in Fort Worth and Tarrant county.

Debbie’s heart and passion has always been infant mental health, even before the term was coined. She finds sessions to be fascinating and eye-opening and is always looks forward to the next one. If Sandra had to describe Food for Thought in three words, they would be “informal, informative, influential.” As a mental health professional, Laura knows that she has to stay on top of research in order to effectively work with clients. Food for Thought sessions provide her with invaluable knowledge in early childhood topics from top professionals in the community, which she uses to grow her practice and improve the lives of children and families. She can’t help but share what she learns with other professionals, and the Food for Thought series gives her a valuable networking opportunity which connects her not only to people but also to new resources her clients could benefit from.

With ground-breaking research seemingly coming every week, Food for Thought practitioners know what’s on the cutting edge in a comfortable setting and with countless networking opportunities.


Laura M. Wright, MS, LPC-S is the Infant Mental Health Specialist and Early Intervention Specialist at Early Childhood Services of North Central Texas. Debbie is the Senior Director Training/Public Awareness/Special Projects in the Early Childhood Services Division of MHMR Tarrant County and Sandra Lamm is the Coordinator for Early Learning Alliance. Food for Thought sessions are offered monthly in both Denton and Fort Worth. See onsite training for more information.