While we might not have the power to see into the future, when we look ahead, we see a world where all infants and toddlers are given the best possible start. Where early childhood professionals have the most current applied research at their fingertips, likeminded organizations come together to create community-wide system change, parents and caregivers feel supported in their role as their child’s first teacher, and every child’s experience while in the child welfare system is transformed from traumatic to healing.

We are asking that you help us SPRING into action in 2022 to:

Give POWer to Early Childhood Professionals

SMASH down barriers of access to community resources

Create amaZING experiences for caregivers and children at Baby Day  

TRANSFORM the child welfare system

You can be a superhero for Texas infants and toddlers.

$25 will support our work to reach more than 4,000 caregivers and children across Texas to promote bonding and delight through Baby Day

$50 will support our work to serve 150 families in Baytown to develop community solutions to support the mental health of very young children and their families

$250 will support our work to engage 30 member organizations to develop and implement strategies across Harris County for system-wide change

$500 will support our goal to reach 2,500 professionals across Texas in the early childhood profession

$1,000 will support our work to transform the child welfare system by working with stakeholders and supporting 140 children 0-36 months across Dallas, Tarrant, and Harris Counties