Sadie Funk named Dallas Heroes Project November Hero 

Sadie Funk Named Dallas Heroes Project November Hero


Exec1a4e71_245dd5dcbd07417fad7a663f79d28612mv2_d_4376_3256_s_4_2utive Director Sadie Funk was named the Dallas Heroes Project November Hero for her work with First3Years! The Dallas Heroes Project identifies local leaders who are making an impact in Dallas and spreads the word about the work they are doing. This honor raises awareness about First3Years and shares how others can get involved. Sadie was interviewed about what led her to First3Years, what a day in the life looks like for the Executive Director, and why focusing on infant mental health is so important to the success of the North Texas community.

“When we think about what Dallas is facing, cycles of poverty, high rates of incarceration, being one of the richest and poorest cities all at once, the question of how  we create healthy communities for everyone starts at birth. Healthy brains and nervous systems, the strength and quality of relationships with parents and communities set the blue print for life.” – Sadie Funk

Read Sadie’s full interview here.