Relational Health


Research has shown that promoting early brain development to support life-long health is dependent on having consistent and nurturing relationships within the first few years of life.

Relational Health is used to describe the positive, stimulating, and nurturing early relationships that ensure the emotional security and connection that advance physical health and development, social well-being, and resilience.

First3Years’ Relational Health Program aims to enhance the internal capacity of partner organizations to offer families the support that they need to strengthen their emotional connection with their infant or toddler. In doing so, First3Years trains and assists professionals on how to leverage Early Relational Health Screening tools to promote relational health between caregivers and young children.

To learn more details about the Relational Health Program,

please contact Naomie Kadima and click on:

ERHS Program Overview

Flyer for Medical Providers

For a recording of a First3Years Early Relational Health training conducted in partnership with the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) click below:

“Early Relational Health: Framework for Mitigating Childhood Toxic Stress and Building Resiliency in Children”

For family tip sheets (English and Spanish) and accompanying providers guide for supporting relational health, please click on the resources below:

Parent Tip Sheet – English

Parent Tip Sheet – Spanish

Provider Tip Sheet