Partner Feature: Dr. Angela Moemeka & Children’s Health

Partner Feature: Dr. Angela Moemeka & Children’s Health


Dr. MoemekaIf a value for community and collaboration brought together First3Years and Dr. Angela Moemeka, Vice President and Medical Director for Children’s Health, it’s our shared belief in working together to create positive health outcomes for Texas’ youngest that keeps our partnership strong.


Dr. Moemeka first met Sadie Funk of First3Years at a panel discussion organized by the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce on the importance of early life and health outcomes. The meeting was timely, as Dr. Moemeka had been seeking out partnerships with community groups to strengthen the intersections between health outcomes and childhood development.


“First3Years views the clinical and social needs of babies and toddlers as one and the same. So we really connected on the need to make sure that the family is ready for a child, providing resources, and continuing to manage care beyond birth to age three,” says Dr. Moemeka.


An exciting new initiative at Children’s Health is Wellness at WIC, which supports early childhood WIC beneficiaries with an assessment of the family’s health and social needs, and connects children and their caregivers with a medical home. The goal is to link that family unit to local resources.


“We aren’t just building awareness, but closing the loop—helping to serve as a community navigator by connecting patients to other health services and resources,” says Dr. Moemeka. “By focusing on one neighborhood [Pleasant Grove], it also allows us to do a gap analysis by looking at the needs of the community.”


In addition to sponsoring and presenting at First3Years’ 2015 Annual Conference in Dallas, Children’s Health is collaborating with First3Years on an early childhood health initiative to ensure every child is ready for kindergarten by targeting the underserved and ensuring they are screened appropriately for optimal physical, social, and emotional health.


So why does Children’s Health support initiatives related to children from birth to age three? “We know from evidence-based, early childhood studies that the first 1,000 days are critical for brain development. Children are using this time and those experiences to build everything they need to be ready to learn, ready to read, and ready to become a successful adult,” says Dr. Moemeka.


We couldn’t agree more, and thank Dr. Moemeka and Children’s Health in joining with First3Years to create stronger, better starts for Texas infants and toddlers.


For more information about partnering with First3Years, please contact Soudary Kittivong-Greenbaum, Director of Advancement, at (469) 763-4936.