First3Years Home Visiting Trainings Continue with Summer Workshops

Photo appeared in THV Tidbits Newsletter and provided by Texas Home Visiting program subcontractors.

Photo appeared in THV Tidbits Newsletter and provided by Texas Home Visiting program subcontractors.

First3Years continues their support of professionals in the Texas Home Visiting (THV) program by conducting a second round of training sessions around the state this summer.

Texas Home Visiting is a free program that helps parents during pregnancy and throughout a child’s first five years by sending trained professionals to their home to provide information and support. The goal of the program is to help parents around the state have improved pregnancy and child health outcomes; support cognitive, social, and emotional development of young children; provide parenting skills; and increase child safety.

Throughout the spring, First3Years trained 1,233 Home Visiting professionals during six 2-day workshops in cities across the state. These trainings impacted 64,873 children, and have the potential to reach another 444,173 children as the program grows and professionals share their training experiences.

This summer, First3Years will conduct five more workshops in San Antonio, El Paso, McAllen, Houston, and Dallas that will support Home Visitors in their important work. Training topics include:

  • Social-Emotional Development for Infants/Toddlers
  • Impact of Toxic Stress on the Developing Child (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • Cultural Sensitivity and working with non-English speaking families
  • Importance of Self-Care for Compassionate Providers

This training series began in the spring when Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) contracted First3Years to present six workshops to their Home Visiting professionals. The state’s Home Visiting Program Office has now moved to the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), where it is a program within the Prevention and Early Interventions group. The “and” in DFPS is very important, as their goal is to support parents and families before the need for Protective Services – a goal that is constantly being redefined and tailored to meet the needs of our state’s many and diverse communities, cultures, and populations.

To learn more about Texas Home Visiting and its impact, visit or watch this video by filmmaker Dawn Porter, who traveled to Port Arthur, Texas, to follow a nurse who works in the Nurse-Family Partnership.