Learning with Denton Food for Thought

Learning with Denton Food for Thought in 2016

Partnering with the WATCH Coalition of Denton County, led by Cook Children’s, First3Years launched its first Food for Thought training series in Denton in 2016.


First3Years hosted four workshops from September to December. The series kicked off with a workshop on the unique benefits of father involvement in children’s lives, presented by Dr. David Huffman, LPC and professor at the University of North Texas.


image005Lena Zettler of Cook Children’s shared the importance of trauma-informed care in the second workshop before participants got the opportunity to build brain structures as part of the Brain Architecture Game to see visual representation of the damage trauma can inflict on them. To the right, participants at Denton Food for Thought build brain structures as part of the Brain Architecture Game.


In the third workshop, attendees explored cultural identities and cultural competency with Dr. Teresa McKinney, Vice President of Student Affairs at UNT.


Denton Food for Thought wrapped up the series with a final workshop on building healthy attachment with infants and toddlers with Dr. Cynthia Frosch, professor in UNT’s Psychology Department.


Here are a few words from the chair of the Denton Food for Thought series and the WATCH Coalition Coordinator, Courtney Barnard:

“The Wellness Alliance for Total Children’s Health of Denton County (WATCH) is pleased to have had the opportunity to partner with First3Years on the Denton Food for Thought workshop series. It has been wonderful to see how a whole community came together to bring exceptional professional development on issues critical to child development to Denton County: First3Years’ decades of advocacy experience, the WATCH coalition’s community knowledge and relationships, our speakers’ expertise, Denton and Lewisville ISD’s support and event space, and our volunteers’ efforts and energy!

I would like to thank First3Years and all of our partners for giving their time and resources to the success of this workshop series so that we may continue to support children and families in Denton County.” – Courtney Barnard, Denton Food for Thought Chair and WATCH Coalition Coordinator

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