Newly Endorsed Jacqueline Campbell, IMH-E®(I) / Infant Family Associate, shares her story


Above: Jacqueline Campbell (3rd from left, front row) and other newly endorsed members at the 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference.

My name is Jacqueline Campbell. On June 30 I was e-mailed with good news! I got a letter saying, “Congratulations, you got your endorsement!” On that day I was filled with joy.

What does getting my endorsement mean to me?  I will say it means that I am working hard on what I want to do with my life. Even in high school I knew I wanted to work in childcare.

When I got my IMH-E Credential, I thought to myself I can’t believe I did this. When I was in 2nd grade I was diagnosed with a learning disability. As I grew older I never thought I would make it this far in my dream job. In high school I signed up for the Ready, Set, Teach program through Mansfield ISD. I was assigned to the preschool at Ben Barber Career Center. I loved going to school every day because I had that class.

After I graduated from high school and enrolled at Tarrant County College to pursue a degree in childcare I was diagnosed with ADHD. That hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dream job. I have worked very hard and overcome several obstacles to get where I am at now in life. Getting my IMH-E was such a big deal for me because to me that means I am on the right track and I am working hard to get where I want to be in life!

Jacqueline is currently employed as a Toddler Teacher, and proudly displays her IMH-E in her email signature.

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