In memory of Tasha Muhammad

It is with profound sadness that we share that our beloved friend and team member, Tasha Muhammad, has passed away.

Tasha joined the First3Years family in May of 2018. During her time at First3Years Tasha shared her expertise on social-emotional development, Theraplay, trauma informed care, and Reflective Practice, to thousands of 0-3 professionals across the state and nation. Tasha was instrumental in her creation of a Reflective Practice Leadership curriculum and conducting crucial professional development.

In 2007, Tasha and her family relocated to Texas, where she attended the University of North Texas to receive her MEd in Community Counseling, with a specialization in Play Therapy. She completed her practicum and internship at Nexus Recovery Center’s Child Development Center, providing therapy for children and parenting education for the female residents. Before joining First3Years, Tasha served as an Infant Mental Health Specialist with MHMR Tarrant County, where she provided developmental assessments, practical routine based strategies, and psychoeducation for parents with children with developmental delays.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist, Tasha’s expertise was sought out to facilitate trainings that focus on subjects such as the impact of trauma on the brain, managing maladaptive behaviors, and building healthy relationships for organizations across the DFW area including Child Care Associates and previously, by our very own, First3Years. She was proficient in Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, Theraplay, and other restorative models used to enhance attachment, build strong families and emotionally healthy children and adults. Tasha believed that “establishing a strong connection is one of the most important keys used to build happy and healthy relationships.”

“Tasha always said she wanted people to leave us better than when they came, and we know that the world is better and brighter because of her passion and love that she poured into so many. She was the embodiment of light and love, and she never shied away from building deep connections with those around her. ” Friend and colleague, Ashley B.

Tasha leaves behind a beautiful family, her husband, and three children.