First3Years Presents Circle of Security Training

First3Years Presents Circle of Security Training

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.39.19 PMOn Friday, May 20, First3Years along with the Center for Children and Families at UT-Dallas, Texas Home Visiting, and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, presented a training session on Circle of Security to more than 60 childhood professionals.

Circle of Security is an easy-to-discuss framework for attachment, brain development, and parent-child relationships. These are concepts that most professionals who work with children and families are familiar with but can be difficult to articulate when talking with a family.

The training gives us language that is effective to use with families to help them understand how their own experiences impact how they relate to their children. By putting relational experiences on a circle, we can then say to a parent “Where are you on the circle right now?” which doesn’t feel confrontational or judgmental, and instead gives the parent an opportunity for reflection.

Circle of Security acknowledges that our personal histories impact how we relate to other people, and that includes how we engage with our own children. This approach suggests our past experiences cause us to have “shark music” in the background. When there’s negative shark music, triggered by past experiences and expectations, that impacts how we react to our children.

By understanding what shark music is, why it is there, and acknowledging it when it appears, we can mitigate its ability to negatively impact our relationships, particularly those with our children. Learn more about Circle of Security and watch a video explaining shark music.