First3Years Participates in GroundFloor

First3Years Participates in GroundFloor

First3Years has been selected as one of ten Fellows of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ GroundFloor program, with the potential to win a $100,000 prize to support Safe Babies Dallas.

In Texas, infants and toddlers constitute the largest and most vulnerable population of children in foster care. In Dallas County, 1,012 (28%) of all maltreated children in foster care are under age three.

Through GroundFloor, First3Years seeks to bring to Dallas, Safe Babies—an approach which has developed simple adjustments to foster care processes and protocols for infants that dramatically improve outcomes. The focus is on realigning public and private community resources, which has the potential to reunify families faster, prevent children from re-entering the system, and save the state hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Safe Babies Dallas is modeled after First3Years’ successful launch of the first-ever program of its kind in Texas—Safe Babies Tarrant County, which began May 1, 2016. During Safe Babies’ pilot year, 300 community stakeholders were trained in trauma-informed and developmentally appropriate best practices, impacting more than 12,000 children in the Tarrant County area.

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