First3Years joins community partners to present “Giving Texas Kids a Healthy Start”

First3Years joins community partners to present “Giving Texas Kids a Healthy Start: Policy Goals for 2017”


Ample research tells us early childhood experiences create the foundation for the rest of a child’s life. Those experiences – and subsequently, a child’s lifelong trajectory – are largely shaped by state policies on a myriad of issues: maternal health, child care, children’s mental health, early intervention for children with disabilities and developmental delays, and more.


e46fd974-35d9-41b0-9a91-9d6c26f22c7bOn October 5th 2016, First3Years helped convene experts to discuss the latest developments on these early childhood issues in Texas, ways in which these issues intersect with each other, and state policy opportunities to ensure more children are healthy and on a path to succeed. Held at Collaborative for Children in Houston, First3Years partnered with Texans Care for Children, Mental Health America of Greater Houston, Episcopal Health Foundation, and Children at Risk for its October Children’s Policy Series forum. Speakers included:


– Stephanie Rubin, CEO of Texans Care for Children, on ECI and rate cuts to therapies for children with disabilities

– Christina Triantaphyllis, Chief Officer of Public Policy & Strategic Initiatives at Collaborative for Children, on boosting child care quality and safety

– Adriana Kohler, Senior Health Policy Associate at Texans Care for Children, on Texas’s new women’s health programs and ensuring healthy birth outcomes

– Katie Chennisi, Public Health Analyst at Harris County Public Health, on increasing access to healthy foods in child care settings

– Josette Saxton, Director of Mental Health Policy at Texans Care for Children, on supporting children’s mental health