First3Years Celebrates Just Beginning Graduate

First3Years Celebrates Just Beginning Graduate

Last week, we celebrated one of our newest Just Beginning graduates, Jacob.  “When teen dads graduate from the Just Beginning program, it’s a big deal. We are so proud of each and every one of our graduates. Accepting a certificate of completion at Texas Can Academy/Farmers Branch recently, Jacob is hoping to start a new legacy with his family,” says Aaron Fields, Just Beginning Program Coordinator.

For Jacob, an energetic young father whose own father left when he was a child, the Just Beginning program has helped him build a stronger emotional bond with his son.

“Before my own dad left, I had a great attachment with him because I would go out with him to help him fix cars with his cousins and friends and I was learning that. It affected me a lot when he left, and I don’t want my own son to go through that,” shares Jacob.

This graduation involved the entire family–Jacob’s girlfriend, and their son both attended. Speaking about the importance of this graduation event, Aaron shares, “Fathers play such an important role. We must get to a place where dads know just how much their worth is to their families. That they are invaluable.”

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