First3Years and the Harvey Relief Effort

First3Years and the Harvey Relief Effort

Starting early November, First3Years will be providing Train-the-Trainer sessions to create opportunities for families to receive the support they need to appropriately assist their family in managing the stress and trauma left behind by Hurricane Harvey.


Infants and young children do not have a single touchpoint like their older peers do with the public school system. For this reason, the response strategy in reaching families of infants and very young children after a traumatic event such as Hurricane Harvey must include multiple touchpoints and trusted partners for the birth to five population.

In an effort to build strong community impact at the local level, First3Years is partnering with Unicef, the City of Houston Mayor’s Office, and Rice University to implement a Train-the-Trainer model targeted at the following community providers and touchpoints of families with infants and very young children: child care centers, home visitors, WIC offices, libraries, housing authority, and faith institutions.

Recovery efforts toward infants and very young children must target the relationships that very young children have with important caregivers in their lives and must present both short term and long term solutions.