Reflective Supervision

What is Reflective Supervision?

Reflective Supervision is a requirement for Category II, Category III, and Category IV-Clinical Endorsement applicants. It involves regular meetings between individuals or groups and a reflective supervisor, who facilitates thoughtful discussion focused on the emotional content of work in the infant-family field. This specialized supervision goes beyond clinical or administrative supervision to shared exploration of the parallel process, i.e., attention to all of the relationships, including that between practitioner and parent, between parent and infant/toddler, and between practitioner and supervisor. It is critical to understand how each of these relationships affects the others. Of additional importance, by attending to the emotional content of the work and how reactions to the content affect the work, Reflective Supervision enhances professional and personal development within one’s discipline. Finally, there is often greater emphasis on the supervisor’s ability to listen and wait, allowing the supervisee to discover solutions, concepts and perceptions on his/her own without interruption from the supervisor. Guidelines for Reflective Supervision


Reflective Supervision/Consultation Best Practice Guideline Booklet


Eligible Reflective Supervision Providers

Betty Ann Ablon, IMH-E (IV) | Dallas, TX |  214.553.5653

Kristi Armstrong, IMH-E (III) | Sugar Land, TX   |  208.755.5922

Debbie Cherry, LMFT, IMH-E (III) | Richardson, TX   |   214.562.2110

Katie Compton, IMH-E (II) | Austin Area  |   512.808.0204

Barbara Einsohn, IMH-E (IV) | Dallas, TX |   214.363.5237

Brenda Frizell, Ph.D | Manor, TX  |   512.244.8241

Barbara Hokamp, IMH-E (IV) |  Denton, TX |  940.387.1680

Patty Miller, IMH-E (IV) | Dallas, TX |  214.373.6900

Jessica Taylor-Pickford, LCSW, IMH-E (III Clinical) | Austin, TX | 720.933.7400 | *Group Options Available

Michael Ratheal, IMH-E (IV) | Lubbock, TX |  806.792.3808

Carol Mason Wolfe, IMH-E (IV) | Garland, TX |  214.321.9155 x 104

Ann Wood, IMH-E (IV) | Graford, TX |  214.957.2838


*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Any Reflective Supervision provider who holds a Level III or IV Endorsement is eligible to provide supervision. Please e-mail with any questions.