Become an Advisor or Reviewer

Any endorsed individual is eligible to become an advisor or reviewer. Our advisors and reviewers volunteer their time to keep our Endorsement program running by guiding applicants through the process and reviewing their applications to make sure they have met all of the competency requirements. See detailed task descriptions below. Please e-mail if you are interested in becoming an advisor, reviewer, or both.


  • Assigned to an applicant after he/she completes preliminary application

  • Is responsible for contacting the assigned applicant and maintaining communication throughout the application process via comments on EASy, e-mail, phone, or in person

  • Level III and IV advisors of Level III or IV applicants help the latter with exam prep

  • Makes himself/herself accessible to the advisee to answer questions or provide encouragement throughout the application process

  • Serves as an infant-family mentor to the advisee with the intention of promoting his/her growth in the field


  • Reviews submitted applications to approve for Endorsement or to defer

  • Conducts reviews on a volunteer basis, when Endorsement coordinator sends out a request

  • Checks off the competencies in each section of the assigned application met through the applicant’s corresponding experiences

  • There are 2 reviewers per application; they must reach consensus to approve applicant for Endorsement

  • Provides thoughtful comments on the application with feedback for the applicant’s benefit

  • Communicates with administrator in cases of disagreement or special circumstance