Endorsement Webinars Now Available

Endorsement Webinars Now Available

endorseesFirst3Years is excited to announce a new series of webinars to help applicants with questions about the Endorsement process. Endorsement is an internationally recognized credential that supports and recognizes the development and proficiency of professionals who work with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, and their families.

Applicants can access the webinars on the alliance website, including an Introduction to Endorsement featuring a case on why one should apply and how it benefits infant-family professionals, and short (2-4 min) videos on each application section. Applicants also have the option of watching the video in its entirety for information on the process from start to finish.

There are instruction videos for reviewers, advisors, and reference raters as well, who have the important role of guiding and evaluating Endorsement applicants and upholding the excellent standard of the credential.

The webinars were created as a joint effort among the Infant Mental Health associations of Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona to provide useful information about Endorsement and the application process.

You can find the webinars on the alliance website; they are being offered to every one of the states that have licensed Endorsement for use in their own programs.

First3Years has awarded the IMH-E® credential to 172 professionals in the state of Texas as of April 25, 2016.