Endorsee Spotlight: Dr. Cindy Frosch, IMH-E® (IV)

Endorsee Spotlight: Dr. Cindy Frosch, IMH-E® (IV)


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Dr. Cindy Frosch, IMH-E® (IV)

Infant Mental Health Endorsement (IMH-E®) is an internationally recognized credential for infant and family professionals, and it is the cornerstone of the First3Years professional development programs.


With four levels designed to target different professional areas within the infant-family field, an IMH-E® enhances a professional profile and affirms the knowledge and skills an applicant has gained. It also helps raise the standard for quality and effectiveness in the early childhood development field.


Dr. Cindy Frosch, IMH-E® (IV), recently received her Level IV Endorsement with a research/faculty designation. She is a lecturer at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.


What made you decide to pursue Endorsement?


I viewed the Endorsement process as a way to demonstrate my on-going commitment to Infant Mental Health. Several of my colleagues have been endorsed, and I wanted to join them in documenting my specialized skill set and training while also increasing awareness of the value of Endorsement – both for myself and for the field.


Did you feel that the Endorsement process was affirming of your knowledge and skills in the infant-family field?


Yes, definitely. Having not taken an exam for many years, I was quite anxious about whether I had the depth and breadth of knowledge required to be Endorsed as a Level IV! But I am always reading, teaching, or thinking about Infant Mental Health in some way, and the knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the years prepared me well for the exam and for the overall Endorsement process.


Now that you are endorsed, how do you plan on using the credential in both your personal and professional life? 


I added it to my CV and resume right away! I received my PhD in 1997 and now have this recent achievement listed under 2015. I think this shows that even though it has been almost 20 years since I finished my degree, I continue to enjoy learning and growing in my chosen field.


Would you recommend that others in the infant-family field pursue Endorsement?


Yes. Each level of Endorsement is valuable and important, and becoming endorsed has made me feel more professional. It provides a way for us to document our skills and training and be recognized for our contributions. I see Endorsement as a reflection of our on-going commitment to best practice and high-quality care for very young children and their families. By continuing to advance ourselves professionally through Endorsement, I think we will help others to see our work as specialized, meaningful, and vital to the lives of children and families.


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