Community Systems

Babies In Baytown (BIB)

Babies in Baytown (BIB) is an early childhood collaborative made up of community organizations and families of Baytown who are working to develop community solutions that better support the mental health of very young children and their families.

Bebés in Baytown (BIB)

Bebés en Baytown (BIB) es un grupo de colaboración dedicado a la infancia temprana construido por varias organizaciones de la comunidad y familias de Baytown que están trabajando para desarrollar soluciones para la comunidad que mejoran el apoyo de salud mental para los niños de 0-3 años y sus familias.


Early Relational Health Program (ERH)

Research shows early brain development significantly affects lifelong health. Early Relational Health is vital during the first years of life, fostering strong, positive connections between children and caregivers. These bonds shape their well-being and support mutual growth and trust. First3Years’ program empowers partner organizations to offer crucial support to families, strengthening emotional connections with infants and toddlers. Collaborating with universities and communities, we aim to create a lasting impact, nurturing children’s development and overall well-being throughout life. Our top-down approach fosters a nurturing environment, promoting healthy relationships and resilient families. 

Houston Infant Toddler Coalition (HITC)

Houston Infant Toddler Coalition (HITC) is a collective effort made up of public and private community partners and families of young children that seeks to develop and implement strategies for systems-wide change that will better support the healthy development of infants and toddlers in Houston. HITC membership is comprised of cross-sector leaders in health, mental health, childcare and education, social services, early intervention, government, research, and child welfare.