Build Up! | Pre-Conference Workshop

Build Up! | Pre-Conference Workshop

The Brain Architecture Game Facilitated by First3Years Staff

March 1st | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM



This presentation will feature an interactive presentation of the brain architecture game, a small-group, virtual ‘tabletop’ experience where attendees will engage in constructing a brain to understand the powerful role of early experiences on brain development. This activity will provide attendees with an understanding that early experiences shape the structure of our brains – for better or worse. A facilitated discussion will aid in interaction as players carefully design models depicting the science of early brain development.

This pre-conference workshop is an add-on and is not required to attend March 2-3′ s Conference.


Pre-Conference Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn to notice and describe everyday interactions.
  • Understand the four dimensions that make up a “simple” and developmental interaction.
  • Learn to apply the “simple interactions” approach to consider adult-adult relationships in ECE systems.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how early experience impact our brains and future resilience
  • Understand role of protective factors on brain development
  • Explore basic understanding of brain development


Earn 2 CEUS 



infant/young child development & behavior, attachment, separation & loss, observation & listening, collaborating, analyzing information