Bright By Text for Partners

Thank you for being a Bright By Text partner in Harris County, TX! As a partner, you are invited to submit requests to have Bright by Text send custom text messages about local resources and events to Bright By Text subscribers in Harris County. Only staff from public agencies and local nonprofit organizations within Harris County will be able to submit message requests. If you are a parent or caregiver, please visit our “Bright By Text for Families” page by clicking HERE. Si usted es un padre o cuidador de niños, por favor visite nuestra página “Bright By Text para Familias” haciendo clic aquí.

Please review the Local Content Guidelines provided by Bright By Text before submitting your text message request:


  • Will the event or resource contribute to healthy child development, prenatal to age eight?


Does the message fall within at least one of the five protective factors for strengthening families?

    • Parental resilience
    • Social connections
    • Knowledge of parenting and child development
    • Concrete support in times of need
    • Social and emotional competence among children


  • Does the message promote an event or series of events? OR…
  • Does it promote underutilized or hard to find resources in the community? AND…
  • Is the event or resource free or low-cost?


  • Which audience is most appropriate to receive the message? AND…
  • Do you want to target a specific age group and/or location by zip code?


  • Can the message be communicated in 140 characters or less AND…
  • Is there a website with up-to-date information that you are including? Does the link you are submitting work on a cell phone? AND…
  • Can you provide the message in both English and Spanish?

Learn more about how Bright By Text works in Harris County:



Ready to move forward? If yes, please use click the link below to submit your text message request

Submit your request

Contact Erica Martinez with questions at

Click on a family outreach resource below to view and download (for partner use only)

Flyer – English

Flyer – Spanish

Postcard – English

Postcard – Spanish

Sample Language for Outreach Promotion – English

Sample Language for Outreach Promotion – Spanish

Caregiver Signup Sheet – English*

Caregiver Signup Sheet – Spanish*

*Once signatures have been obtained, partners can manually enter caregiver sign-ups using the regular Bright By Text sign up page: