Babies in Baytown

Babies in Baytown is an exciting new effort in Baytown to help infants, toddlers, and their families.

Babies in Baytown is an early childhood collaborative made up of community organizations and families of Baytown who are working to develop community solutions that better support the mental health of young children and their families.

Our vision is an integrated and coordinated community system where every family has an equitable voice, is supported, and can readily access quality resources and services for their young child. Building on existing community assets, our mission is to develop and sustain a connected, cross-sector system of care for all families with children ages 0-3 that addresses their individual needs.

Guiding Principles:

  • Ease access to services for all families and ease transitions for all children
  • Value parents as decision-makers and leaders
  • Reach children and families, and as early as possible, with needed services and supports
  • Genuinely include and effectively accommodate children with special needs
  • Reflect and respect the strengths, needs, values, languages, cultures and communities of children and families

What we do:

We are currently working to establish a collaborative structure that reflects our guiding principles listed above, specifically elevating family leadership and decision-making roles within the collaborative. Our goal is to finalize a collaborative structure by Winter 2020 to establish policies and procedures for how collaborative members work together and with members of the Baytown community.

We are also conducting a 6-month community assessment project to better understand the strengths and needs of Baytown families with young children. Findings from this project will inform our action plan for making future investments in Baytown.

The action plan will be finalized by Summer 2020. The goals and strategies within the action plan will focus on implementing solutions that impact the way families interact with their community in ways that promote the development of positive social emotional and mental health of young children and their caregivers.

To become involved, contact Laura Alvarado at 469.394.3331 or

This collaborative is comprised of families with young children, community members, and organizational leaders living and working in Baytown.

Are you a community member who cares for young children?

We are seeking your involvement! Please join us every third Tuesday of the month from 9:15 – 11:00 AM. For more information, please contact Laura (

We would like to recognize our current Collaborative Members and we welcome new partners on an ongoing basis.