A Message from Sadie Funk, First3Years Executive Director

A Message from Sadie Funk, First3Years Executive Director / April 2017

Thank you for your past support to First3Years. Along with members, donors and friends like you, we’re proud to be the voice for infants and toddlers.

Because of our programs and strong collaborations, First3Years is in a unique place – working with early care professionals, community-based agencies, diverse stakeholders, and the public-in advocating for the “0-3” perspective in critical conversations related to early childhood.

So, what can we do better to ensure that our young infants, toddlers, and their families can thrive? First3Years does this by:

– evaluating the best way to promote a professional development pipeline for early care professionals

– constantly assessing the landscape across the state in regards to the needs of Texas infants and toddlers, and elevating the issues that matter most to them–from material post-partum screening to high-quality pre-K funding

– strengthening relationships with our partners in foster care redesign

– incubating and expanding initiatives for vulnerable babies and their families, such as Safe Babies and Just Beginning.

And we do this all, with your support.

Thank you for your tireless and passionate support in our mission educating, advocating and collaborating to advance the healthy development of infants and toddlers.


Please make a gift today to support our Spring Campaign and invest in our shared mission:

  • – $10 can buy diapers for a teen father in the Just Beginning program

– $25 can support a Safe Babies birth-foster coparenting mentoring session

– $75 can provide training on early attachment theory for a team of Home Visitors  

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There is no greater investment than doing everything we can to give infants and toddlers the chance to grow and thrive in healthy, safe and nurturing environments. And it will take all of us.

Together we’re ensuring that Texas babies get the strongest, better starts! Thank you!


We’ve already received $5,500 from early gifts! Please help us double this – your gift will make a difference!