2019 Houston Food For Thought Season

First3Years has been offering local Food for Thought (FFT)  training events throughout the state of Texas for more than 35 years. This interactive series highlights current research and best practices offering thought provoking topics (food for thought). Additionally, each event provides a meal (lunch or breakfast) offering a time of networking in each community as we gather to advance our professional practice and understanding in the field.


About Tosha Smith | Tosha is a Professional Development Coordinator with First3Years and an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant (ECMHC) with Project PLAY at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. As an ECMHC, Tosha works to promote positive social and emotional development of children in early childhood settings. She is a dedicated Licensed Certified Social Worker with expertise in connecting families and caregivers with helpful resources and designing intervention strategies to assist in developing and utilizing social skills that will help strengthen relationships and interactions with others across all environments. Tosha has a background working with a variety of developmental and behavioral needs, including autism spectrum disorders, cognitive/receptive/expressive delays, and other challenges associated with social/emotional development. Her experiences include consultation services, observations, and assessments using behavior rating scales and developing individualized therapeutic interventions to improve prosocial behaviors.


Free for First3Years Members | $15 for Non-Members