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Monthly Webinars

Webinars are free for First3Years members and members of participating partner states

1 Hour of Continuing Education (SW, LPC, ECI-EIS, CPE)

Each presentation will be inclusive of information on the mental health implications for infants/toddlers and evidence based recommendations for improvedpractices for providers working with families of young children.

Cultural Competency for Child Development Professionals | October 20 (2:00 pm)

Expert Session with Kristina Figaro, LMSW, IMH-E, October 31 (9:30 am)

As professionals in child development it is imperative that we understand our work through a culturally competent, or humble, lens. Our daily interactions include communication on a variety of levels with colleagues, families, children and the community at-large. As we communicate with those around us to strengthen economies for children, we must recognize diversities and embrace opportunities for growth and understanding. This session will offer reflection time to practice mindfulness to think about the “lens” though which you experience the world (and how this impacts your interactions with others).

This month’s expert session will be presented by Kristina FIgaro, LMSW, IMH-E. Kristina has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has been in the field of Social Work for the last 17 years working tirelessly with families and children throughout her career. Kristina has dedicated the last nine years of her career working as an Infant Mental Health Specialist in Wayne County Michigan. She is also an Infant Mental Health Therapist and provides support to Beaumont Hospital Labor and Delivery department and OBGYN Clinic through supportive services to pregnant mothers. Kristina has trained various groups on the topic of Cultural Competency and brings her field experience into her presentations. Cultural attunement has been a passion for Kristina and she works to help professionals understand and what it means to her, the families we work with, and our colleagues regarding conversations, ruptures and repairs when they need to occur.

Clients as Customers: Strengths-Based Interactions with Consumers | November 14 (11:30 am) | November 21 (2:00 pm) | Expert Session with Gloria Cruz, November 28 (10:00 am)

Have you ever thought about your client as a customer? This webinar will discuss customer service basics and how using corporate strategies can enhance your service provision to clients. A brief overview of trauma informed care will drive your experience in this webinar as you think about the very best (and worst) customer service interactions you have ever received. We will discuss your feelings related to these interactions, and transfer this knowledge to your practice as a child development professional. In our Expert Session with Gloria Cruz, you will learn a customer service model that provides the highest and most valuable experience for clients. Gloria has a ten-year history with Macy’s Corporation and has trained and managed retail associates on the best quality of customer service.

Relationships as Foundations: Building Connections for Professionals | December 14 (11:30 am) | December 19 (2:00 pm)

As we wrap up 2017, our webinar series will highlight the importance of relationships in our work as child development professionals. We will take a reflective look at the meaning of our practice with children, families and colleagues, and we will discuss opportunities for connecting with others like you in the field. Join us for a renewing hour during your busy holiday month to recognize the importance of this work, and prepare to serve your clients in 2018.

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